Festive Series: Scrumptious Science

Christmas is around the corner so here is the AShortScientist Festive Series. First up, we're talking about Scrumptious Science. Is there a scientific formula for the perfect Christmas dinner? What do astronauts have for Christmas? And, what happens to our bodies after that hefty Christmas lunch?


Mysterious Supplements

Winter is upon us in the UK, bringing with it the season of colds, flus and winter vomiting bugs. Urgh. We also pile on the pounds over the festive period, and soon we will be inundated with diet pills and potions. The lack of sun, colder days, and excess food and drink can impact us in different ways, but can supplements help?

Miraculous Zebrafish

Zebrafish are small fish (they only grow up to 6cm in length but are normally around 4cm) with the appearance of black and white stripes. Zebrafish have been interesting to research since the 1960's and the University of Sheffield  have kept Zebrafish on campus for research since 1997. But why are these little fish so important for human genetic and disease research?

The Science of Natural Wonders: Part 2 -The Wonder of Light

Here is Part 2 of The Science of Natural Wonders series all about light. It's pretty essential. From the light that gets us through the day, to beautiful rainbows, and why exactly is the sky blue? This is the science behind the natural wonder that is light.

Very Cool Paint

As the World's average temperature continues to increase, with Indian summers becoming expected rather than hoped for, we all (especially in the UK) pray for air conditioned buildings in the Summer months. Air conditioning is not without carbon-emissions though, and an increase in its use would only add to the growing concern of Global warming. What if there was another way to cool our buildings (other than by opening a window, of course)?

The Moral Machine

In recent years everything seems to be going into automatic mode. Smart meters, smart TVs, smart phones, and smart appliances to name but a few. However, driverless cars are slowly making their way onto our roads. In the US they're already being tested in numerous states and only a few accidents have been reported. But what if the car had to choose who to injure, what then?

Who Owns Our DNA?

DNA sequencing kits are everywhere. From learning about your ancestry, to finding your risk of suffering from future diseases such as cancer, these tools have become very popular and widely used. However, has this boom in testing put other people's DNA data at risk, and who will actually own this information?

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