Trust Me on the Sunscreen

Another May bank holiday is upon us in the UK and we're basking in the sunshine (hopefully) once more. As someone who was so badly burnt (walking in the UK countryside, whilst using sunscreen) that the marks have taken 2 years to fade, I can testify that we need to be careful with our skin. How does sunscreen work and what research is underway?


Really Recyclable Plastic

We are all aware of the plastic problem our planet faces. As we are made more aware of the issue, supermarkets, traders and even governments are starting to take small actions. Reducing single use plastics, banning plastic straws, charging for plastic bags etc. However, the plastic we use is still not widely recycled, so a new finding from the Berkeley Lab, at the US Department of Energy, promises to ease this plastic plight.

Adapting to Climate Change

Climate change is seemingly everywhere at the minute. The media have picked it up again, as children protest and the UN published its most recent damning findings. I'm thrilled to see people getting involved and taking action, but what is science telling us? A new study shows that climate change may not affect everyone as we first thought.

Citizen Science – The Power is in Your Hands

Science you can all get involved in: become a scientist and help with research! This week I'm finishing my second year PhD report ( biggie...), finalising a conference presentation, and teaching in the Brilliant Club so I've decided you can become the scientists this week. It's time to learn about citizen science.

Cracking Malaria

Almost half of the World's population is at risk of malaria according to WHO, with an estimated 212 million cases in 2015 and 429,000 deaths. There is no known cure for malaria and taking a lot of preventative medicines is not always easy for people in affected countries. Here we investigate a potential new vaccine against the parasite. 

Anxiety: Evolutionary Help or Hindrance

Unless you are so laid back you're horizontal, you are likely to have had the misfortune of feeling anxious at some point in your life. Whether it was a big presentation, a driving test, or a social encounter, anxiety can happen because of numerous triggers: everyone is different. In a world of social pressure and increasing recognition of mental health,  let's understand why we get anxious and the symptoms that come with it.

Competition Winner – Zain

Our fourth, and final winner is Zain who entered the 16-18 year old category. I was so impressed by his take on the competition that he is our second winner of the category. Zain is 17 years old and his home country is the UK. I thoroughly enjoyed Zain's piece about black holes, it is well written and an entertaining take on scientific writing. Congratulations Zain. The following is entirely Zain's work, enjoy...

Competition Winner – Lucas

Lucas is the third winner of our science writing competition, and entered the 16-18 year old category. He is 17 years old and his home country is the UK. Lucas' piece about the the life of the universe was a brilliant read, incredibly well written and thought provoking. Another impressive piece from someone so young. Congratulations Lucas. The following is entirely Lucas' work, enjoy...