About A Short Scientist

Science affects all of us every single day. Let’s not make it seem so boring anymore.
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Hi, I’m Lauren (A Short Scientist) and I’ve been fascinated by science since I was very young. I haven’t always liked how the media has portrayed science, so at the start of my PhD I decided to change that. Science does not have to be boring, and if you wade through all the equations, lab coats and exams, it’s actually really interesting, I promise.

A little about me:
I have just completed my PhD at Newcastle University, researching computational drug design (i.e. how we can speed up the drug design process and maintain accuracy), after completing two masters and my BSc all focused around chemistry and drug design/discovery. During my PhD I’ve found a love for science communication, whether it’s through writing articles for the blog or other science outlets like Chemistry Review and WONK!. I was shortlisted for the Association of British Science Writers, Dr Katherine Giles Blog Award 2020. I’ve also branched into outreach and teach secondary school students through The Brilliant Club. I hope no matter what my career path after the PhD, I can continue to deliver science to the masses.

The aim of the ‘A Short Scientist’ blog is to look past the headlines and get the science to you, whilst also bringing you exciting new research that everyone should be reading about. I include my personal sketches, some videos and great links to make science as engaging and accessible as possible.