Competition Winner – Jade

Jade is not only the third winner of our science writing competition, having entered the 16-18 year old category, she is also a double award winner, having also won this category in 2020. She is 17 years old and from the UK. Jade's piece about the science of the Antarctic was incredibly well written and captivating. Another impressive piece from someone so young, congratulations Jade. Jade is also a keen scicommer, writing a blog called NEVER TRUST AN ATOM and even has a YouTube channel now!


After a turbulent year of science, we want to hear from you! Specifically our younger cohort. If you are between 10-18 years old, this one's for you. Here at A Short Scientist, we want to inspire younger generations to find a love for science. Therefore, over the month of February we're running our third annual science writing competition!!

The Eden Project: Not just a Garden

During our UK roadtrip we were able to make a stop at the Eden Project, somewhere I've wanted to visit for a long time. As well as being a very large set of greenhouses, the Eden Project offers social and environmental benefits, opportunities for outreach and a platform for science. While we're all in lockdown, I'll take you on a trip through the Eden Project.

Elephant Conservation: Elephant Valley Thailand

As many of you know from my holiday snaps, I was lucky enough to have a much needed break from my studies to Thailand for a few weeks in October. We did many amazing things whilst we were there, but our visit to Elephant Valley Thailand (EVT) in Chiang Rai, Northern Thailand, was a dream come true. Prior to our visit, I contacted EVT to ask if they would mind me writing a blog about their work, and they gave us a discount for our visit in return, so I want to emphasise that before writing.