Brain Freeze: Forever Ruining Ice Cream

As the heat wave continues in the UK, we revel in it for a bit longer and indulge in a guilt free ice cream (or 10...) to relieve us from these unusual weather conditions. However, we have all indulged a bit too much from time-to-time, eager to eat our ice cream quickly, and given ourselves brain freeze. What causes this annoying occurrence and can we avoid it?

The Science of Chocolate

The wonder that is chocolate has been enjoyed since 1500BC. From early Mayans, to the Aztecs, London finally opened a chocolate shop in 1657. We enjoy chocolate all year round. From selection boxes to Easter eggs, you can't get away from it, and who would want to? Strangely, the higher a country's chocolate consumption, the more Nobel prize winners it has! So while you tuck into that chocolate biscuit with your cup of tea, what is the science behind our beloved chocolate?