After a turbulent year of science, we want to hear from you! Specifically our younger cohort. If you are between 10-18 years old, this one's for you. Here at A Short Scientist, we want to inspire younger generations to find a love for science. Therefore, over the month of February we're running our third annual science writing competition!!

Blog Birthday: Top 10 Articles

A Short Scientist is THREE! To celebrate three years of articles, we will look back on the top ten posts from the last three years. I adore writing and creating these snippets of science, they are a creative release for me and let my brain breathe. I hope the next year brings more doodling and science to communicate. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read, comment on, like or share my work, it really does mean the world, especially in a pandemic. This little blog has achieved more than I ever expected, and brings me so much joy.

Bigger Questions: Is Time Real?

To many, time is a way of telling us when to do things or expect things to be done: when to meet, when to eat, when to sleep, but what is the scientific definition of time? One source defines it as the "indefinite and continuous duration...in which events succeed one another", meaning the past is the past and the future will always come after, a linear perception. However, what if time isn't linear and our perception is wrong? Strap in.

Small but Mighty

In January, whilst on my morning walk to the station, I spotted two bright spots in the sky near the moon. After a week of these sightings, it turns out they were Jupiter and Venus taking centre stage at 7am on those dark winter mornings. On a planet home to 7.7 billion people going about their daily lives, I was seeing Jupiter and Venus on my way to work. We are only in this universe for a relatively tiny amount of time and yet so lucky to live amongst it all with knowledge at our fingertips. It got me thinking, what are the coolest things known about our home galaxy, the Milky Way?

Explosive Ammonium Nitrate: What, How, Why?

By now you have all seen the horrific footage of the explosion in Beirut which occurred on the 4th August, injuring more than 4,000 and killing at least 113 people (as of Thurs 6th Aug), whilst the search for survivors continues. Here we will discuss what is likely to have caused the explosion, and how and why it happened. There are links to donation pages at the bottom.

The Perfect Dunk

The amazing Netflix documentary series, The Last Dance, tells of the incredible basketball career of Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. If you're looking for a dunk in basketball terms, I suggest you watch it. Here we're going to talk about tea and biscuits, sorry basketball fans. Tea lovers, you're going to want to fetch the biscuit tin for this one...

Competition Winner – Jade

Jade is the third winner of our science writing competition, and entered the 16-18 year old category. She is 16 years old and from the UK. Jade's piece about the how we came to be was incredibly well written, explained perfectly to the target audience, and thought provoking. Another impressive piece from someone so young. Congratulations Jade.