Competition Winner – Adhya

Adhya is the second winner of our science writing competition, and entered the 13-15 year old category. Adhya is 15 years old and from the USA, our first winner outside of the UK! Adhya’s piece is all about how some cancer treatments prevent cell growth. It was an insightful read, and incredibly impressive for someone so young. Congratulations Adhya.

Is Sitting the New Smoking?

I recently heard this line in an episode of popular American sitcom Modern Family, "sitting is the new smoking". It was an off hand comment but during the pandemic, lockdown and general office-style working, sitting has risen exponentially. What evidence is there that sitting is bad for our health?

Henrietta Lacks: Fundamental to Medical Research

In school we're taught about many scientific advances, from DNA identification with Watson and Crick, radiation research with Marie Curie, and natural selection with Charles Darwin. I can guarantee however, that you have not learnt about Henrietta Lacks and even scientists, unless they work in biology or medical research, may not have heard the importance of HeLa cells. Amongst the BLM movement, it is time learn.

Trust Me on the Sunscreen

Another May bank holiday is upon us in the UK and we're basking in the sunshine (hopefully) once more. As someone who was so badly burnt (walking in the UK countryside, whilst using sunscreen) that the marks have taken 2 years to fade, I can testify that we need to be careful with our skin. How does sunscreen work and what research is underway?