A Science Media Centre Internship

It is more important than ever to communicate science effectively. We must ensure accurate and evidence-based information about research is distributed through the media, particularly on controversial and headline news where most misinformation can occur. Here, I will give you a background to the Science Media Centre (SMC) and my internship opportunity with them.


COVID Testing Explained

Since the start of lockdown in the UK back in March, the government has been "tweaking" its covid-19 testing strategy. Targeted testing, only symptomatic people, mass testing etc. Until last week (6th Nov, 2020), the only widely available tests were PCR (I'll explain more in a moment). However, Liverpool is now the trial site of mass testing using a different type of covid test which is quicker and is being used on everyone, symptomatic or not. Here we'll look at the different types of covid tests and explain what they're doing.

Covid on the Brain

As we pass 6 months of lockdown measures in the UK, some long term symptoms of covid-19 are starting to emerge. Alongside viral fatigue and continued breathing difficulties, less obvious, neurological, health problems are becoming more of a concern. So what do we know about the effects of coronavirus on the brain to date, and should we be worried about a "silent wave" of neurological problems?

Understanding Our Immune System

Our immune systems are bombarded every day with bacteria, viruses and other foreign bodies, which may or may not cause us harm. We all learnt about the immune system in school, but how much do you really remember? In coronavirus times, I think it is important to understand how our bodies work at trying (and most of the time succeeding) at fighting disease.

Disease Detectives: the 101 of Contact Tracing

How do we control an easily spread disease without a vaccine or strict, permanent lockdown measures? Contact tracing. Australia launched its contact tracing app this week (Apr 27th), and with the UK to follow in a few weeks, it's time to explore what contact tracing is and how it has been used before.

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