Blog Birthday: Top Ten Articles

I've loved creating every single one of the articles for AShortScientist, it is a creative break for me, exploring two of my passions: Science and Doodling. To celebrate two years of the AShortScientist blog, we look back at the top ten articles from the last two years, simply follow the article links! Thank you to every person that has taken time to read, comment on and share my work, it really does mean the world. This little blog has achieved much more than I ever expected.

International Year of the Periodic Table

This year is the 150th anniversary of the Mendeleev periodic table which is used across the sciences today. It is also the Royal Society of Chemistry's (RSC) Chemistry week (it's ok, you weren't likely to remember), so as well as highlighting the magnificent periodic table, I thought I'd give you an insight into my favourite element: Carbon.

Autumnal Ombre: Colour Chemistry

Shorter days, crisp sunny mornings, cosy jumpers, hot chocolates and pumpkin spice, all signs that Autumn is back. Personally, it’s my favourite time of year. I’m a sucker for a jumper and an early night with a cup of tea, but it’s the colours that come with Autumn months which always give me that warm feeling. The red’s, orange’s and yellow’s that accompany the crunch of fallen leaves are very satisfying, and Instagram worthy. However, what is it that causes the colour changes we see and why do plants lose their leaves?

Harnessing Lightning

The vast majority of us complained about the excessive heat here in the UK last week. We are now surrounded by cooler temperatures and constant rain; we can't win. Along with the wet conditions has come thunderstorms, some of which have been pretty damn magnificent. It got me thinking, what is thunder and lightning and could we use it?