Cheers to Greener Beer

Summer is upon us, England are in the Euro finals, and with that comes more beer (no matter the weather). Unfortunately, whilst beer may not be kind to our waists, it also has an impact on our carbon footprint. Researchers and breweries are now looking at ways to help this ancient industry create greener beer.

Contrails, Chemtrails, and Geoengineering

Who hasn't spotted a plane and those wispy white trails and thought, "I wonder where they're headed? Wherever it is, I wish I were jetting off too". However, those wispy white clouds are a huge cost to the environment and now subject to conspiracy theorists. Here we will debunk the theories, explain why contrails are such a problem, and how geoengineering could be here to help.

Explosive Ammonium Nitrate: What, How, Why?

By now you have all seen the horrific footage of the explosion in Beirut which occurred on the 4th August, injuring more than 4,000 and killing at least 113 people (as of Thurs 6th Aug), whilst the search for survivors continues. Here we will discuss what is likely to have caused the explosion, and how and why it happened. There are links to donation pages at the bottom.

What a Load of Junk

Since the start of the space age in the 1950's, we've been sending all sorts out into the darkness. We've sent up hundreds of rockets and thousands more satellites, many of which are still there. Space is once more a hot topic, and companies such as SpaceX and even Amazon are hoping to send up thousands more satellites in the coming years. This poses a problem though: Space Junk. With more and more satellites in orbit, the risk of collision has hit a critical level; what new research is there to sweep it all up?

The Amazon: The Facts

The Amazon is burning and the ice caps are melting. Climate change is seemingly very apparent to most, whilst others continue to deny it is real. What is the truth behind the harrowing images of the burning Amazon which have surfaced over the last week or so? And, why is the Amazon so important? I thought …

Carbon Footprint: Explained

The UN climate change report published last week (8th August 2019), called for a change in our diet, reducing our meat consumption and subsequently our carbon footprint. We've heard that term banded around a lot recently, "carbon footprint", and although I understand the idea, what exactly is a carbon footprint and how are they calculating it?

Clean Water, Clean Air

Two thirds of the World is covered in water, whilst only one third is land mass, populated by 7.53 billion people. Only 2.5% of all the water on Earth is fresh and drinkable; the rest is saline and ocean-based. The fresh water on Earth today is roughly the same in volume as that which was present at the time of the dinosaurs, but our population has exploded. How do we get enough fresh water without polluting the planet?