Carbon Footprint: Explained

The UN climate change report published last week (8th August 2019), called for a change in our diet, reducing our meat consumption and subsequently our carbon footprint. We've heard that term banded around a lot recently, "carbon footprint", and although I understand the idea, what exactly is a carbon footprint and how are they calculating it?

Really Recyclable Plastic

We are all aware of the plastic problem our planet faces. As we are made more aware of the issue, supermarkets, traders and even governments are starting to take small actions. Reducing single use plastics, banning plastic straws, charging for plastic bags etc. However, the plastic we use is still not widely recycled, so a new finding from the Berkeley Lab, at the US Department of Energy, promises to ease this plastic plight.


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Cleaning up with Enzymes

Plastic is a huge problem. 91% of all plastic is not recycled. Mass produced plastic has only been around for ~60 years, producing ~8.3 billions tonnes of plastic in that time. Of that, 6.3 billion tonnes is waste plastic and only 9% of that is recycled. The equivalent of 'five shopping bags of plastic [waste] for every foot of coastline around the globe' ends up in the oceans every year. In this ever growing plastic pileup, is there a way to remove it? Last month scientists claimed they had stumbled across an enzyme that could do just that...