Blog Birthday: Top 10 Articles

A Short Scientist is THREE! To celebrate three years of articles, we will look back on the top ten posts from the last three years. I adore writing and creating these snippets of science, they are a creative release for me and let my brain breathe. I hope the next year brings more doodling and science to communicate. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read, comment on, like or share my work, it really does mean the world, especially in a pandemic. This little blog has achieved more than I ever expected, and brings me so much joy.

The Eden Project: Not just a Garden

During our UK roadtrip we were able to make a stop at the Eden Project, somewhere I've wanted to visit for a long time. As well as being a very large set of greenhouses, the Eden Project offers social and environmental benefits, opportunities for outreach and a platform for science. While we're all in lockdown, I'll take you on a trip through the Eden Project.

Carbon Footprint: Explained

The UN climate change report published last week (8th August 2019), called for a change in our diet, reducing our meat consumption and subsequently our carbon footprint. We've heard that term banded around a lot recently, "carbon footprint", and although I understand the idea, what exactly is a carbon footprint and how are they calculating it?

Harnessing Lightning

The vast majority of us complained about the excessive heat here in the UK last week. We are now surrounded by cooler temperatures and constant rain; we can't win. Along with the wet conditions has come thunderstorms, some of which have been pretty damn magnificent. It got me thinking, what is thunder and lightning and could we use it?

Solar Gold

It may be cold and frosty at the minute, but we're still searching for renewable energy alternatives to combat rising temperatures and lower our carbon footprint. Alongside renewable energy sources, we need to find efficient ways to store the energy generated so it can be used when needed. Recent research has discovered a new, effective way of doing this using liquid fuel.

Fuel of the Future

Global warming isn't going away and the effects are becoming more visible. We aim to cut carbon-dioxide emissions by 60% within the next 30 years, limiting global warming to 2oC, with the intention of being completely emission free by 2050. It sounds like a huge task, but could hydrogen be the clean fuel of the future, helping toward this goal?