Does Netflix Cost the Earth?

The internet. It has revolutionised communication and connection, enabled wider access to knowledge and opinions, and allows for the viewing and sharing of information in many different forms. In the UK alone, 46.6 million people use the internet daily, up from just 16.2 million in 2006. However, despite holding information in seemingly weightless spaces, such as "the cloud", the internet is far from a carbon neutral and clean infrastructure. What is the internet, how much does it contribute to climate change, and what can we do?

Fusion of the Future

Imagine a World where we could generate electricity, in a carbon-neutral, self-sustaining manor, using the same reactions that take place in the sun? Welcome to Nuclear Fusion. Here we will explore the difference between nuclear fusion and current nuclear power methods, and what the future holds for fusion.

Summer Olympic Science

The delayed 2020 Olympic games are almost half-way through, with athletes making us armchair spectators feel as though we should be more active. Whilst this year's summer Games are anything but normal during a pandemic, the athletes continue to perform and push themselves to the edge of what we can physically achieve as humans. Here we will explore the science of the Games.

The Robot Doctor Will See You…Eventually

At the start of lockdown in the UK back in March (2020, if anyone needs reminding...), doctors surgeries closed their doors to walk in appointments and everything went as online as possible. Whilst many would have been sceptical of a virtual consultation, I also think many have been surprised. GP surgeries have had fewer missed appointments and shorter waiting times to see a doctor. Going virtual meant many concerns could be addressed without the patient needing to come to the surgery. But what if the doctors themselves were computerised? What if we had robot doctors?

Disease Detectives: the 101 of Contact Tracing

How do we control an easily spread disease without a vaccine or strict, permanent lockdown measures? Contact tracing. Australia launched its contact tracing app this week (Apr 27th), and with the UK to follow in a few weeks, it's time to explore what contact tracing is and how it has been used before.

What a Load of Junk

Since the start of the space age in the 1950's, we've been sending all sorts out into the darkness. We've sent up hundreds of rockets and thousands more satellites, many of which are still there. Space is once more a hot topic, and companies such as SpaceX and even Amazon are hoping to send up thousands more satellites in the coming years. This poses a problem though: Space Junk. With more and more satellites in orbit, the risk of collision has hit a critical level; what new research is there to sweep it all up?

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